Sunday at the Training Shed 32

Sunday at the Training Shed 32


This month we visit the sounds rocking dancefloors across the globe with DJs from Tropical Temple and live percussion from Wicked Aura. 5 artists from Taiwan and Singapore let loose on the graffiti wall. The beers are cold and the vibe is chilled!

Sunday at the Training Shed is free and dog and kid-friendly. Please support the artists, organisers and venue by purchasing food and drinks only from the official Training Shed bar.


DJs Kusto & Bhayology (Tropical Temple)

“Tropical Temple [brings] deep, funky, tribal and soulful tunes from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, from the global dance floor to Asia.”

Budi & Nizar (Wicked Aura)

“Audiences from Australia, the UK, Spain, the US, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, China, to South Korea have all been thrilled by Wicked Aura, a band from the multicultural concrete jungle of Singapore that mashes up glorious Afro-Brazilian rhythms with a chunk of funk, a slab of rock, a ton of reggae, a hint of spicy local ethnic rhythms and dizzying electronica, all packed into one explosive cocktail.”

DJ Shellsuit (Sideshow/Pushin’On)

“Known for playing freestyle sets that incorporate a wide range of styles and sounds, DJing has taken him all over the world including countries as diverse as Scotland, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Bosnia and Estonia. The list is sure to grow as he continues to build his reputation as a well-rounded DJ and party-rocker.”



AhdiaOne (Taiwan)

Whosedoll (Taiwan)




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