Sun 14 Jan | 6pm-9pm | $5 cover | Kult Kafe

Apichat Pakwan is a group of musicians from Thailand & The Netherlands. They make what they call Esantronics – a hybrid mix of Esan folkmusic, dub, hiphop & electro.

Unique about Apichat Pakwan is their mix of very traditional instruments with innovative live electronics.
They play original Esan repertory as well as their own new interpretations and compositions, all on a bass-heavy dub foundation.

The group was formed in Thailand by producer Olivier Schreuder (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1980), who met a group of highly talented Thai musicians in the city of Khon Kaen while studying the local traditional music & instruments.

Currently the group consists of Pummisakseri ‘Pum’ Sasida (phin, kaen, vot, saw), Wimonmat ‘Wiw’ Kangjantha (voice, percussion, dance), Angkanang ‘Num’ Pimwankum (percussion, saw, dance) and Olivier (electronics, percussion).

Apichat Pakwan released their first 10” vinyl single Angkanang in december 2016 on Animist Records, followed by the second vinyl single E-Ong Muan Sun in 2017.

Apichat Pakwan makes immediate impact with their first liveshows in Thailand. Their debut is performing at the Khon Kaen Filmfestival, followed by shows at local folkmusicclub Kittasin in Khon Kaen, and the Siam Paragon Songkran Wonderland Festival in Bangkok.

Following this succes the group tours in the Netherlands in June/July 2017. They present their first EP in Amsterdam at their European debut liveshow. Their shows on several festivals in the Netherlands are enthusiastically received by the audience and gain them many new fans – both Western & Thai.

“The musicians of Apichat Pakwan know the traditional Thai music so well they are capable like no one else to give it a modern twist. The intoxicating groove they create sounds equally logical and exotic.” – Job De Wit (We Are Public, Oor, DJ Broadcast – NL)

Check out Apachat Pakwan here

Supported by OMAKASE

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