Split across two stages with live art in the carpark, Aliwal Urban Art Festival brings together some of the diverse sights and sounds of Singapore for a night of rock, rap, reggae, bass, funk and street art.

Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2014
Saturday 18 January, 5pm-midnight, Free entry.
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Curated by Sideshow
Supported by National Arts Council




Masia One has rocked audiences around the globe building her reputation as a international soul rebel. The release of Bootleg Culture, produced by Che Pope (G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye West), saw Masia touring worldwide in 2013 including Jamaica, USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Her complex hiphop flows switch effortlessly to dancehall chanting, as showcased in her international underground hit “Warriors Tongue”. Unapologetic about her unique style, Masia One celebrates her cultural mashup, expressing herself beyond music with visual art and fashion design. She is also strongly committed to arts education and has actively toured high schools across Canada advocating Girls Rights, Anti-bullying and HIV/AIDS Education.

In 2013, Masia won three VIMA 2013 Music Awards for Best Hiphop Song, Best Collaboration and The South East Asian Music award’s highest honor celebrating pioneer artists.  She is also nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Urban Recording of the Year.

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The name is a tongue-in-cheek anglicisation of popular ’70s Malaysian disco king, M. Daud Kilau. The music however, is an entirely different beast.

As one of the pioneers of the instrumental post-rock scene in Singapore, I Am David Sparkle has garnered a strong underground following at home and abroad with its music and emotionally charged live sets. To date, I Am David Sparkle has played tours and festivals in countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the United States and have numerous releases to their name including two full-length albums on KittyWu Records; “Swords” (2010), “This Is The New” (2007), and a new LP scheduled for release this year.

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FungkiMunkees are a 9-piece band playing some of the funkiest grooves in Singapore. With an international line-up that includes musicians from the US, Europe, South East Asia & South America, the Munkees have performed over 60 shows across Singapore, as well as headlining music festival Penhstock in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2012. The FungkiMunkees perform an energetic mix of original songs and classics from the likes of; Earth Wind & Fire; Tower or Power; and Kool & The Gang, all brought to life by their dedicated 5-piece horn section. Since launching their EP in 2013, the band has received rave reviews from audiences and media alike.

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Dark and dirty bass lines and rolling drum breaks from +65 residents NEZ, TWINHED & ROZAKMC.

From heavy rhythms to liquid rollers, NEZ is an expert in rocking crowds through diverse musical influences. With a timeless blend of beat and bass, his focus for the past 8 years remains high quality, upfront drum & bass. With a strong old school sound and a unique mixing technique, TWINHED brings experience and soul to the dance floor. Always ready to deliver a sharp one liner or engage in witty banter, ROZAKMC rhythmically meanders through the breaks, with a style and pace that is unique and precise.

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With Darker Than Wax, the music has been reduced to its most concentrated form. It’s pretty pure and simple, really. The label is basically a statement.

  • a statement on the pervasiveness of black music and the influence it has had on countless genres and sub genres
  • a statement that it’s all about bringing it forward
  • a statement that your racial/genetic/cultural make-up is irrelevant – only your soul is

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O$P$ are Wasabi Green (Zushan, Pioneer Digital DJ Singapore Champ and Asia Finals 2nd-Runner Up 2012) and Master Race. The duo have been making waves in the underground and the World Wide Web with their signature trademark sound that fuses Crunk, Trap and Bass, aptly called ‘The Geylang Crunk’.

With a tightly conceptualized audio/visual direction based on the future of Singapore and humanity, O$P$ have crafted their penchant for the seedy underbelly of the streets through masterful remixes and acclaimed original tracks and releases.

With music such as Chin Swee Sunset with ‘Van Detta’, Disco Buddha, and remixes of Matt Sofo’s Run The Track and Nantes’ Hail playing on Lush 99.5FM, the Sinister Beat Bandits are just getting started in their quest for domination of the solar system!

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RSCLS -[ras-kuhl]:

“Propagating acts of artistic nonsense through open uninhibited random collaborations and discourse.

RSCLS seek discourse and disharmony through acts of random artistic collaborations and union. Discourse and disharmony is achieved when each individual artist is placed in a manner of discomfort. With each artist in RSCLS coming from a different background and artistic journey, our union is perilous, laden with attention deficiency and random anarchy. This unholy dynamism fuels our thirst to achieve a singularity through art.

Pop, politics, social, culture and the urban landscape is the language we seek discourse in and we see it as a journey that leads to no particular destination. We Are RSCLS.”



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