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Sideshow creates parties, events and experiences that are far from mainstream. We are that something that’s a little more out there, a little more unexpected, a little more engaging than a randomly assigned seat in the arena.

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  1. Ana

    Eh guys!
    i want to be updated in your events!
    Besides, i would be interested in contacting graphic artists to re-decorate/paint our cowering space at The Co

  2. Wong Hui Ee

    Hello Ana,

    This is the website I’ve been hoping to tumble into for the past years that I’ve been in Singapore ! Something far from mainstream. Sunday at the Training Shed has always been one of my favourite spot and I’ve been checking the next event date to work on a grafitti, where I knew the wall is available, and stumbled into sideshow.sg.

    A little about myself…
    An architect in training but enjoyed doing art on the side. Grafitti has always been an interest and an awe in me. Lately, I’d tried out on my room wall of a pair of my favourite artists, Milky Chance, and found satisfaction and style to explore.
    If I may, please allow myself to join graphic artists to re-decorate/paint The Co. Collaborations are exciting !

    Looking forward to hear from you !
    hui ee
    9646 2660

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