Sunday at the Training Shed 15 Gallery

The Sunday at the Training Shed Hip Hop Edition went down in fine style.

Many thanks to Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop, Soulrock, Koflow, DJ DSK, Radikal Forze Crew, Zebster, Scola, Bond, Inkten, Clogtwo, Dem, Jase, Dickid, Wok, Redy, and Antz for joining us, and of course all the party people and the staff at The Training Shed for the support.

Shot by Ungku.


The Seaside Show 2 Gallery

Second edition of The Seaside Show at Myra’s Beach Club. Many thanks to guests Funk Bast*rd Darker Than Wax and Kentaro Mugic Soundsystem for the music and everyone who stopped by. Next up: Sunday at The Training Shed Hip Hop Edition, 13th October.